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Dr. Ansari is dedicated to using our years of experience to deliver the highest quality dentistry. He has wanted to be a dentist since his own dentist left an impression on him at 12 years old. As such, it has become his mission that our office deliver the best patient experience on every visit.

Personalized Patient Care

Every patient we see in our practice is unique, and completes a comprehensive exam on their first visit. This exam will reveal any current or potential dental health problems that you may have, allowing us to educate you on possible procedures, and choose your treatment plan accordingly. Understanding the wants and needs of our patients, we work with you to coordinate a treatment plan, saving as many natural teeth as possible when performing restorative dentistry.

In an effort to maintain the comfort of our patients, our office also uses sedation dentistry. Our comfort menu includes nitrous oxide, sedative medication in IV or pill form, or even medication-free sedation (Nu Calm) for those patients who aren’t comfortable in dental offices.

Treatment of TMD and Jaw Joint Pain

One of the specialty services offered at our Hayward practice is the treatment of TMD—Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. This condition is responsible for recurring jaw pain, muscle pain, and tooth pain.  The causes can be many and we thoroughly evaluate your signs and symptoms to determine the best treatment.

Treatments we offer for correcting this condition are often conservative, as we prefer to treat our patients in such a way that maximizes their comfort. TMD is something that we regularly look for in exams, ensuring that we can limit the severity of problems and the extent of treatment whenever possible.

When treating TMD, our practice uses neuromuscular dentistry to find a "happy bite", putting the teeth, jaw joints, and muscles in a balanced position.

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