Sedation Dentistry Options at Hayward Dental Care

Anxiety over visiting the dentist can be common for patients who have previously had bad experiences at a dental office.  For some, this anxiety is severe and prevents them from continuing to visit the dentist at all. As routine dental care is vital for keeping your smile healthy, and maintaining overall physical health, our Hayward dental office is proud to provide sedation dentistry for nervous and fearful patients. Our relaxation dentistry services help you feel calm and at-ease while visiting our office for treatment.

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Dr. Ansari helps patients feel comfortable during dental visits with a variety of treatment options, including oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and even IV sedation from a specialist when needed.

Each method of sedation is meant to induce feelings of relaxation, so you can feel at-ease during the time you spend in the dental chair. Depending on the sedation method that best fits your needs, these feelings may last just for the duration of your appointment, or before and after your visit as well.  Our sedation options are as follows:

Oral Conscious – This sedative is administered through oral medication (a pill) that produces a relaxing effect. Patients who opt for oral conscious sedation will take the medication while at home, shortly before their appointment, so they arrive at our office feeling at-ease. As the medication will produce a feeling of relaxation before, during, and after your appointment, you’ll need a companion to escort you to and from our office.  With oral conscious sedation, you won’t remember much of your appointment time – which proves to be especially comforting for nervous patients. 

Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide is ideal for shorter dental procedures, as the effects of this sedative can be reversed in-office. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask placed over the nose to help patients feel comfortable and anxiety-free. Like oral conscious sedation, this medication creates feelings of relaxation and an amnesiac effect. With the inhalation of pure oxygen, the nitrous is cleared from your system, so you can take yourself home from our office.

IV  Sedation – This method produces a deeper sense of relaxation and is suited for longer dental procedures, oral surgery, or patients with special needs. We administer IV sedation with the assistance and monitoring by a trained and certified anesthesiologist.

Medication-Free, Effective Dental Sedation with NuCalm

Sedation Dentistry-Man Smiling Outside For patients who prefer relaxation dentistry without the use of medication, our office offers the revolutionary NuCalm system. NuCalm helps to eliminate stress and promotes feelings of relaxation with nutritional tablets, sunglasses that black-out light stimulation, headphones that create a pacing signal to change brain waves from the fear response to the relaxation response, and FDA cleared neural stimulation via small patches placed behind the ears. NuCalm is shown to relax patients in a manner that is quick and effective by re-creating the feelings of initial stages of sleep and calming certain brain waves that trigger fear and anxiety. Each component used in this system is intended to limit stress reaction and was developed by neuroscientists.  You’ll begin to feel the relaxation effects within minutes and will feel rested and comfortable after treatment is complete.
With medication-free sedation from NuCalm, there are no after affects and no recovery time. NuCalm naturally re-creates the peaceful feeling you have before falling asleep. While relaxed, patients experience significantly reduced gag reflex and muscle tension, so your dental treatment can be completed efficiently and effectively while you rest.

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Dr. Ansari and his dental team provide many convenient ways for patients to experience dental care without anxiety. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist due to discomfort and fear, contact our office to learn more about dental sedation options.


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