Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Mohsen Ansari in Hayward, CA

If your smile doesn’t look as bright or as healthy as it used to, our Hayward dental office provides cosmetic dental therapies that can help. With a combination of efficient technology and a commitment to restoring your smile’s natural beauty, Dr. Ansari can help patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted.

Options for Cosmetic ProceduresCosmetic Dentistry-Young Male Adult Smiling with white straight teeth.

Because cosmetic dentistry is a general term that can include any procedure which allows your smile to be more appealing, cosmetic treatments are capable of doing a great deal of things for aesthetic and oral health.

In order to customize a treatment plan that fits your goals for care, Dr. Ansari offers a variety of cosmetic options, which include:

• Composite Fillings - Instead of silver metal amalgam to fill cavities, we use a tooth-colored composite material which matches the shade of your teeth to look as natural as possible.

• Tooth-Colored Crowns - When you have a severely decayed tooth, our porcelain dental crowns can replace damaged dental enamel, strengthen tooth structure, and allow your smile to look naturally flawless.

• Fixed Bridges - Dental bridgework is used for patients with a missing tooth or a small group of missing teeth in one area. Bridges close the gap in your smile with the use of crowns on the supporting teeth and the replacement tooth (pontic). Our bridges are made to look natural and support improved oral health.

• Porcelain Veneers - Patients that are experiencing multiple cosmetic dental issues can use veneers -- thin tooth coverings -- to make teeth appear well-aligned, evenly shaped, damage-free, and a brighter shade. Smile transformations with veneers can be completed in as few as two dental appointments.

• In-House and Take-Home Teeth Whitening - Our one-visit whitening treatment lifts staining and discoloration from the surface of teeth, leaving you with a smile that is several shades whiter in about an hour. Take-home whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home over several nights.

• Invisalign® - Correcting misaligned teeth no longer means getting metal braces. We offer this system of clear braces so mature patients can achieve straight teeth, without the visibility of metal appliances.

• Six Month Smiles - Another option for natural-looking braces, Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to blend in with your natural teeth. Using advanced treatment methods, Six Months Smiles is able to correct moderate alignment issues in an average of six months.

Our goal is to ensure that all cosmetic restorations performed at our office are tooth-colored and natural-looking to restore your smile to superior health and function. 

Same-Day Cosmetic Restorations in Hayward

Cosmetic Dentistry-Smiling Straight White Teeth with Bright Red LipsDr. Ansari and his team use CEREC to create tooth-colored crowns or veneers, often in one visit. Traditional restoration methods include taking molds of teeth and sending those to a dental lab so crowns, bridges, and veneers can be made over the course of a few weeks.

With CEREC, and when appropriate, Dr. Ansari can take digital, comfortable scans of your smile and use that detailed information on CEREC’s milling component, which creates a crown or veneer from a block of porcelain in about an hour. No more temporary restorations or bulky, messy impression trays. Our cosmetic dental patients get high-quality and customized care in one visit, and can leave our office with their long-lasting restorations.

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If you have questions about what our treatments can do for your smile, contact our friendly Hayward, CA cosmetic dental office to learn more or schedule your consultation.


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